Adaptive Strategy

Adaptive leadership is about servant leadership that enables change and change is inevitable reality. It involves continuous scanning & sensing the information from the internal and external environment , interpreting & analysing the information for actionable analytics & insights, making decisions & responding (actions) to known and unknown changes for effective adaptation: efficiency [sustainment (preserve), improvement (discard or extend)] and innovation [growth (add new things), transformation (re-arrange)].

Adaptive leadership is required to lead the design and implementation of adaptive strategies through building, engaging, guiding, inspiring, motivating and mobilising individuals and teams across the enterprise for continuous adaptation.

Adapt Inn offers following role focused workshop.

  • Adaptive Leader


The duration of adaptive leadership workshop is 1 day.


Participants should have basic awareness about strategy design and practice.

Objectives & Learning Outcomes

At the end of the workshop, the participants will be able to:

  • Gain a good practical understanding of the adaptive strategy design and practice.
  • Gain a good practical understanding of building, engaging, guiding, inspiring, motivating and mobilising individuals and teams for adaptation.
  • Plan, analyse, prototype and model the adaptive strategy design artefacts.
  • Perform gap analysis, roadmap, implementation planning and governance.


The workshops will be hands-on, interactive and project driven. It will include concepts (C), discussions (D), examples (E), exercises (E) and feedback (F) activities (CDEEF). Participations will work on a real-world adaptive strategy project from beginning to end in small teams. Applied adaptive strategy project is organised into following stages.

  • Initiative: Strategy Work
  • Initiate: Strategic Vision & Scope
  • Discover: Adaptive Strategic Planning, Analysis & Modelling
  • Implement: Adaptive Roadmap & Implementation Planning
  • Adapt: Review & Evolve
  • Govern: Alignment, Collaboration, Compliance, Integration & Risk Management

Assessment: Demonstrate competence in workshop exercises and final project showcase.

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