Adaptive Management

Adaptive enterprise project management practice is required to incrementally implement the adaptive strategy and architecture for delivering business solutions. Adaptive enterprise project management includes adaptive portfolio, program, project, release and iteration (P3RI) management.

Adapt Inn offers following role focused adaptive management workshop.

  • Adaptive Manager



The duration of the adaptive management workshop is 4 days.


Participants should have basic awareness about project management.

Objectives & Learning Outcomes

At the end of these workshops, the participants will be able to:

  • Gain a good practical understanding of the adaptive enterprise project management.
  • Manage  adaptive planning, analysis, architecture, implementation and governance at portfolio, program, project, release and iteration levels.


The workshops will be hands-on, interactive and activity driven. It will include concepts (C), discussions (D), examples (E), exercises (E) and feedback (F) activities (CDEEF). Participations will work on a real-world management case study from beginning (portfolio) to end (iteration) in small teams. Applied adaptive enterprise project management is organised into following integrated arrears for portfolio, program, project, release and iteration planning .

  • Initiative: Work to be done
  • Initiate: Vision & Scope
  • Discover: Adaptive Planning & Management
  • Implement: Adaptive Heuristics
  • Adapt: Review & Evolve
  • Govern: Alignment, Collaboration, Compliance, Integration & Risk Management

Assessment: Demonstrate competence in workshop exercises and final project showcase.

The Gill Framework® V 3.0 – Adaptive Enterprise Project Management

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