Adapt Inn is an adaptive enterprise design practice. Dr. Asif Gill is the principal owner of Adapt Inn.

Being Adaptive
Being adaptive means “adapting to change”. Adapt Inn was setup to help individuals, start-ups, industry, government and community in their journey to effectively design and implement analytics-information embedded “adaptive  strategy and architecture” for achieving the following goals (value drivers).

  • Business Efficiency (operations sustainment and continuous improvement)
  • Innovation (growth and transformation)

Adaptive Journey

Being adaptive is a journey for travelers (individuals, start-ups, industry, government and community). Adapt Inn is a place where adaptive aspirers can seek food for thought and services for their “adaptive” journey.

Adaptive Thinking
The core to adaptive enterprise design is the following integrated categories of adaptive (thinking) design principles.

  • Agile thinking
  • Design thinking
  • Model thinking
  • Resilience thinking
  • Service thinking
  • Systems thinking

Service Offerings

Adapt Inn offers advisory, coaching, consulting and learning workshops in the following areas.

Adapt Inn applies a systematic and integrated adaptive enterprise value chain based – The Gill Framework®. Dr. Asif Gill is the inventor and author of The Gill Framework®.  The Gill Framework® provides the ADOMS approach for adapting, defining, operating, managing and supporting (ADOMS) the adaptive enterprise value chain. It can be freely used for internal purposes at no cost by just acknowledging the source and copyright holder.

Adapt Inn can be contacted to discuss the engagement approach and professional service offerings.

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